Fog Screen

We at Morphosis Inc., Bangalore after pioneering the remotely managed "Dynamic Digital Signage Networking" system, now proudly bring Fog Screens for the first time in India.

Fogscreen is an effect screen made out of water, yet is dry to touch. It is a projection screen, that produces a thin curtain of "dry" fog services as a translucent projection screen, displaying images that literally float in the air.

The result : Stunning, Attention - Demanding displays.

Around the world, Fog Screens are used at Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Conferences, Fashion Shows, Music Concerts, Corporate Conferences, New Product Launches to name a few ...


Presently we have 2 numbers of Screen of width 1 meter each.

Soon the following configurationd would be offered :

  • 4 screens of 1m width
  • 2 screens of 2m width
  • 1 screen of 3m width and 1 screen of 1m width

Technical Details

* Ultra Sonic waves convert water into dry fog

* The Fog is pushed down using powerful fans

*Dazzling videos could be projected on the Fog surface

*Screen in thin air. Rear projection format

*Screens are walk through.

*Best suited for indoor

*With tunneling and masking would work in outdoor

*Interactive elements could be incorporated


*Large size display formats possible


*Available on sale and rental



Fog Screen-video 1

Fog Screen - Video 2


Fog Screen - Video 3


Fog Screen - Video 4


Fog Screen - Video 5


Fog Screen - Video 6


Fog Screen - Video 7


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