What is Your system Player?
Ans: This is a proprietry tiny form factor CPU embedded with our player software.
What OS are you running on your player and server?
Ans: Android.
Can multiple contents run on the screen ?
Ans: Yes. Upto 4 different windows contents can run.  
Can I update Your system Player software remotely?
Ans: Yes. All updates can be done remotely as long as the system is linked to the Internet.
Can Your system be deployed globally on internet enabled network?
Ans: Yes. Since the server software will reside in the cloud the signage system can be accessed virtually from anywhere.
Server down, will player continue playing?
Ans: Yes. Because the content resides on the player side. It will not download new content unless the connectivity is restored. But will keep on playing current schedule on the screen.
What if you want to update your screens from another location?
Ans: If you want to update your screens from another location, you will probably need an Internet connection at the site where the screens are installed.









What is Your system Digital Signage solution about?
Ans: We are demonstrating here a digital signage solution. The solution allows you to effectively communicate with your customers walking inside bank premises, your retail branch employees etc. A bank can float information like new interest rates, deposit schemes, loan schemes etc...In a more dynamic manner rather than old fashioned static printed boards for their customers. Also they can use similar solution by floating information like training videos for their branch employees.
What is the current setup for demo?
Ans: Current demo setup includes manager software, player hardware and Player software. From manager one can design layouts, schedule and upload contents to Players. Players will follow the command given by the Manager Software and plays/changes content at run time.
How is Your system different from other digital signage products?
Ans: The user will get all the flexibility to show the content on the screen; he can show one big image on the screen or divide the screen into zones. Our goal is to keeping things simple as we can instead of creating confusion with lots of options. The pricing is simple too, without any recurring costs.
What kind of scalable discount do I get if my planned deployment is large?
Ans: Discount given is based on project size, industry and usage. ( Commercials to be discussed with our sales department).
How long have you been in business?
Ans: For 6 years now.  

Contents and Design


Can your player play full HD content?
Ans: Yes. With a proper video card, player can play 1080p video. Software supports. Depends on h/w. Our standard hardware offering supports 720p.
Display multiple RSS feeds on screen?
Ans: Yes. However you might need to get permission from the provider. Also requires an internet connection at Player end to pull data from URL.
Can your player incorporate live video streams?
Ans: Yes. Through MMS & HTTP protocol.
Support video wall?
Ans: Yes. Support both hi-res (beyond HD) and low-res video wall. Hardware is used based on the requirement analysis.
Do I create my own content, or do you provide that service?
Ans: Yes. You need to create your own content. If you want to outsource the job, there will be charges involved based on the complexity of the contents.
Can we feed multiple displays with text, video and graphics?
Ans: Yes. Our software can support any combination of text, video and graphics plus Adobe Flash (.swf formats), Microsoft PowerPoint.
What content management features does it have?
Ans: • Show content full-screen or in multiple zones, and switch back and forth on-the-fly
• Control the start/end date, start/end time, and days of the week for every file
• Display any combination of recorded video, Flash, still images, and web pages
• Control live TV, cable and video feeds, including changing the channel
• Create dynamic tickers using RSS or text feeds
How much content can it hold?
Ans: Upto 8gb inbuilt. Can be increased upto 32gb via external micro SD. 



Can you split or rotate the screen?
Ans: Sure, you can run content full screen, split the screen into zones, and rotate it for vertical/portrait mounting.
What type of screen or display can you use?
Ans: It will work with virtually any screen (including LCD/plasma TVs and computer monitors).
Can you connect it to more than one screen?
Ans: Yes, you can use a DVI or HDMI "splitter" to connect multiple screens. In order for this to work, all of the screens have to be the exact same make and model. If you can't get identical screen models, you should look for screens that support the same HD resolution (either 720p or 1080p)-but there's still no guarantee that a setup with different screen models will behave properly. Also, when you're using more than one screen on the same Your system system, remember that all the screens will be showing the same content.